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Did you recently purchase an electric vehicle and are excited to immediately charge and drive it ? If so, you will need an experienced, professional electrician to install a wall connector or outlet at your home or business so that you can charge it quickly and safely.  Smith Electrical Contractors, Inc. is a Tesla recommended electrician and a ClipperCreek recommended electrician. We are specially trained to install 240 volt outlets, Tesla Wall Connectors, and ClipperCreek products. We thoroughly manage the entire process from load calculations and permitting to installation and final inspection so that you can enjoy your electric vehicle as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule your project!

(619) 758-9829 or install@smithelectricsd.com


Tesla Wall Connector


The wall connector is the fastest and easiest home charging solution available for Tesla vehicles. This hardware can be customized to the power supply of almost any home, offering installation options ranging from a 100 amp to a 15 amp circuit breaker. You can purchase the wall connector from a Tesla Service Center, and we will install it at your home or business for you.


 ClipperCreek EVSEs


ClipperCreek EVSEs are compatible with every plug-in vehicle. They are reliable, powerful, made in America, and able to be used indoor or outdoor at your home or workplace. Shop online directly for your HCS-40, LCS-30 or other EVSE, and contact us today to install it for you!

Universal Mobile Connector (NEMA 14-50)

The Universal Mobile Connector is ideal for road trips or as an alternative to the High Power Wall Connector. The Universal Mobile Connector enables a complete recharge in 6 hours or less. Store the Universal Mobile Connector in the trunk for road trips and enjoy the freedom of plugging your vehicle into nearly any outlet anywhere.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Current: 40A
  • Voltages: 120-240V
  • Maximum Power: 9.6kW
  • Cord Length: 18ft

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