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Your home’s electrical main panel breaks up the power supply down to branch circuits so that you can operate appliances and technological devices in rooms through out your home. These days, we are requiring more electrical power when we use our computers, appliances, EV chargers, pool heaters, AC, solar PV system, and many other devices.

Sometimes older homes don’t have sufficient power needed for our increased demand. Are your breakers overheating? Is your power often going out as you plug in a device? Your may need to upgrade your home’s electrical service with a new panel (and perhaps new breakers, meters, wiring, and grounding system).

We have made the main panel upgrade a smooth process for our customers. We offer you our Full Service Electrical approach:

  • Coordination with the city and with utilities
  • Coordination with permits and inspectors
  • All materials and labor
  • New grounding per code
  • Scheduling and follow-up of all necessary inspections
  • Stucco breaking, repair, and paint
  • Preparation for solar installation (including proper wiring preparations and breaker space requirements)

Please call us today at (619) 758-9829 to schedule your main panel upgrade.

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